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    Standard Wire Mesh Fence

    Standard Mesh fence is a group of wire mesh fence products, the same feature is that length of fence is at the same number 2500mm and due to width (height,530,1030,1230,2030mm etc) of mesh fence have a rather wider range so at the daily using

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    High Security 358 Mesh Fence

    358 security Fence prefect to suit high security protection which is ultimate welded mesh panel and consider personal visual providing excellent see sight through .

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    Twin Wire Mesh Fence

    Double wire mesh fence also called twin wire mesh fence ,it is extremely rigid mesh fence system with a flat appearance ,double horizontal wire 5mm or 6mm welded to 6mm ,8mm ,vertical wire so often referred as 656 fence and 868 mesh fence .

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    Euro Mesh Fence

    Euro mesh fence is a economic mesh fence solutions which sales good in europe market ,in china the euro mesh fence also called HOLLAND fence or weaved type mesh fence,the euro mesh fence was very commonly used in grassland,highway protection and sometimes worked...

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    Chain Link Fence

    Chain link fence is typical of woven mesh fence it is woven with difference type wire such as ,low carbon steel Wire ,high quality stainless steel wire 304 316 etc currently we supply two difference end type chain link Fence twist end and knuckled end in difference countries...

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    Hinged Joint Fence

    Hinge Joint fence also called sheep wire, sheep wire netting cattle fence or rural fencing and poultry widely use in animal husbandry. The product mention below is inspected according to the internal proceeds establish to accomplish the quality demands define...

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    Crowd Control Barrier

    Our Heavy Duty Crowd Control / Pedestrian Barriersare designed for long life and regular use.

    They are fully Hot Dipped Galvanized after welding. Each barrier is completely dipped in a Gal bath after manufacture. This is the best galvanizing process available. they will be far more weather resistent and durable, and will last much longerthan other Crowd Barriers on the market.

    They have specially designed Flat Feet, making the barriers very stable and much saferthan claw foot barriers which are prone to being a tripping hazard.
    During events and gatherings crowd control barriers provide safety and security for patrons and the general public. They provide a quick and efficient barrier perfect for all situations where you need to divert or keep the public away from a designated area.

    Evergreen Hardware Industry & Commerce Co.,Limited as a experience barrier OEM are
    accomplished in full range of barrier products below we list some popular specification.

    Classical Crowd Control Barrier

    Size:2400mm(L) X 1100mm(H)
    Main Frame:OD38
    Vertical pipe:OD16
    Finishing:Hot dipped galvanized
    Feet Type:Welded permanently

    Crowd Control Barrier (Pedestrian Barrier)

    Size: 2015mm(L) X 1100mm(H)
    Main Frame: OD38x1.2mm Thickness
    Vertical Pipe OD12x0.7mm Thickness
    Finishing:Hot Dipped Galvanized
    Feet Type:Welded permanently

    AS & NZ Type Crowd Control Barrier

    Size:2400mm (L) x 1200mm(H)
    Main Frame:OD40 x 2.0mm Thickness
    Vertical Pipe:OD 20mm x 1.0mm thickness x 19nos.
    Detachable Feet:OD35 Connections +Metal Flat feet
    100mm width x 650mm Length x 8.0mm Thickness
    Finishing:Hot Dipped Galvanized 42 Microns
    Feet Type:Detachable

    Size:2200mm(L) x 1100mm(H)
    Outer :OD25mm
    Vertical Pipe :OD20
    Finishing:Hot Dipped Galvanized 42 Microns
    Feet Type:Flat Feet - Removable

    North Europe Style Crow Control Barrier

    Size:2000mm(L) x 1500mm(H)
    Main Frame:OD38mm x 2.00mm Thickness
    Vertical Pipe:16mm x 1.5mm Thickness
    Spacing between inside Pipe:150mm
    Finishing:Hot Dipped Galvanized or Electro Galvanized
    Feet Type:Detachable